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The benefits of ceramic brake pads

Feb. 11, 2018

Safety is one our major concerns when riding in a vehicle. Many accidents happen because of brake system failures. Having your brake system routinely checked helps to reduce the chance of an accident.

A car brake disc is a device used for slowing down or to stop the rotation of your car's wheel. It is usually made out of cast iron or ceramic composites including carbon, Kevlar and silica. The disc is joined to the axle. In order to stop the wheel, friction materials in the form of the brake pads are forced down mechanically, pneumatically, hydraulically and electromagnetically against the both sides of the disc. The friction causes the disc and attached wheel to slow down or to completely stop the car.

Ceramic auto brake pads are very popular today. In the early 90's, they were introduces to replace the conventional semi-metallic pads. Some vehicle manufacturers began to create and use ceramic-based disc brake pads in order to address the customer complaints related to the other types of pads.

Ceramic car brake pads control noise and are made of long lasting quality materials. Because of their quality construction, they also extend the life of your braking system compared to the other types of lining materials.

Another feature of ceramic auto brake pads is that they minimize brake dust on your wheels. All pads produce dust when they are in use but the components of brake pads made of ceramic typically produce a light colored dust that is much less noticeable. Unlike ordinary brake dust, it doesn't stick to the wheels.

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