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How much do you know about auto brake pads?

Mar. 08, 2018

Car brake pads compliment disc brakes used in automotion and other applications. Brake pads are steel backing plates with friction material bound to the surface that touches the brake disc.

Two auto brake pads are contained in the brake caliper with their friction surfaces facing the brake disc. When the brakes are applied, the caliper squeezes the two pads together into the spinning brake disc to slow/stop the vehicle.

Although almost all road vehicles have only two brake pads per caliper, racing calipers utilise up to six pads, with varying frictional properties for the best performance. Depending on the properties of the material, disc wear rates may differ. Brake pads can be viewed as a consumable car part and need to be replaced regularly (depending on pad material which are of differing wear and performance rates).

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