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What goes on inside modern shock absorbers?

Mar. 12, 2018

Shock absorbers, or shock struts, play a very important part in every vehicle. It is the core part of every suspension system, which was why they must be periodically replaced to ensure superior performance. In the past, they were mainly composed of a cast iron rod, a sturdy coil spring that envelopes it, and finally the tube where this assembly are encased. The composition of modern version, however, is very much different. Several parts now make up a single absorber to ensure a smooth ride all throughout. So what goes on inside modern version that it seem to be doing a better job than old ones?

If in the past, shock absorbers are composed of less than five parts, most modern ones today is composed of more than ten parts, moving in unison to give you a smoother and quieter ride. Some of these are the valve, spring, main rod, piston rod, piston, tube, and the cap. Each of these parts has their own separate functions, but all working in a way that translates to a great suspension parts.

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