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How to remove your auto ball joint?

Mar. 21, 2018

It requires physical strength and extra focus when removing your auto ball joint.

Basically, there are nine major steps that need to be followed in order to achieve the desired result.

1) Loosen up the three connection nut.

2) Remove the joint pin.

3) Use the small car jack to hold the lower arm body.

4) Push down the lower arm body.

5) Put a smooth rubber in between the small jack and the lower control arm.

6) Use a heavy hammer to knock down the auto ball joint.

7) Replace the car ball joint.

8) Tighten the nut while pushing slowly the jack up.

9) Complete the process with a slight shaking movement (for checking purposes).

As a precaution, there are four extra steps that you would need to take:

1. Ensure that the surface of the workplace is free from debris, grease and any small moveable material.

2. Ensure that a reasonable small size car jack is used.

3. Ensure that all safety instructions are followed to avoid injury while knocking the ball joint out.

4. Ensure that a good stretchable rubber cube is inserted in the between the lower arm and the car jack.

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