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How to remove the lower control arm components completely?

Mar. 29, 2018

How to remove the lower control arm components completely? The steps are as below:

1. Loosen the three nuts attached to rubber bush and joint.

2. Take out the joint pin.

3. Use the car jack to make the arm stand still while you loosen up the screws.

4. Take out the ball joint bolt.

5. Use a 1 kg hammer to knock the ball joint from wheel component.

6. Take out the 2 rubber bush bolt.

7. Remove the bolt together with the lower arm.

8. Use the hydraulic pump to remove the car ball joint.

9. Replace the rubber bush, middle connection bush and joint with new units.

10. Use a small hammer to install the lower arm.

11. Tighten up the connection nut and pin.

The advantage of using the above method is the reduction in hours taken to remove and replace the arm components. More questional about auto control arm via www.motormanautoparts.com

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