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  • shock absorber UH74-34-70X
  • shock absorber UH74-34-70X

Product Description

Front Axle, Left

Detailed Applications

TOYOTA RAV 4 I (SXA1_) 1994/01-2000/09 TOYOTA RAV 4 I Cabrio (SXA1_) 1997/12-2000/06

Product Specifications

Our advantage

1. The unique gas-charge method by injecting the gas from the bottom, meanwhile, sealing it by projection welding. It can ensure the consistency of gas pressure and no damage to the oil seal lip.

2. Teflon piston-ring integrated with piston, not only reduce the friction and noise but also avoid inner-leakage.

3. Multiple-lip oil-seal, with stable and reliable quality, keep it no oil-leakage and no friction.

4. Gas-filled shock absorber injected with pure N2, which not only keeps the stability of damping force but also reduce aerification and foaming, meanwhile, extend the effective life.

5. Hard-chromed piston rod with micro-grooves, increasing the rigidity and reducing friction, keep better lubrication action.

6. Advanced multiple-type bottom valve system structure, guarantee multiple damping forces realized and match the suspension system better.

7. High-quality working liquid, ensure all-weather adaptability under different temperature conditions.

8. Automatic paint surface-system lines assure weatherproof under all different conditions and excellent appearance.

9. Shock mounting and spring top of strut assembly passed 3000,000 times tension test, to make sure the physical property of it.

OE Numbers

BOGE 32-G75 -A 32G75A KYB 334242 334242 KYB 334483 334483 OE 48520-49016 4852049016 OE 48520-49026 4852049026 OE 48520-49027 4852049027 OPTIMAL A-3587GL A3587GL SACHS 280 895 280895

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